Teambuilding for the Youth Group

July 28, 2018 Off By Ronnie

The people in my church are community focused and always ready and willing to help others. We have a particular interest in youth programs. We have established a Bible class for teens and already have a great following. Good Christians at any age are good citizens and thus we are preparing our kids for adult life doing God’s work. We teach them how to life a healthy and happy life by following His word. I can’t think of a better way to spend one’s spare time. I don’t do it get our Father’s grace and love, but I always hope that this comes with the path I have chosen. The rewards are, indeed, very rich.

One of the other successful activities for our youth is a soccer camp twice a year to instill the best principles and strategies of the game. Alongside softball, soccer is steadily gaining a foothold in our schools, and we are onboard with promoting it for boys and girls of all ages. After school sports are mandatory in my opinion, as long as the kids don’t miss the Bible class! They have shown that they can do both. The teachings of love and respect for one’s fellow man work right into competitive games and support good sportsmanship and team effort.

I am not a soccer rule expert, but just a volunteer who helps organize the soccer camp and make sure the parents are all well informed. I learnt the basics from Top Corner Magazine. It takes several adults to keep everything in order and moving along. We have a strict agenda to make the most of the time allotted. In addition to the basics of the game, we insist on a lot of practicing to develop stamina and skills. We show the teens how to workout at home to keep in shape, especially before a big game. Soccer takes time to master and become coordinated enough to score.

Given time, I might even be able to referee a game. I am really getting into this youth program and will persevere to fulfill the will of the Lord. I am happy to have this as a new calling. I think it will do the kids a lot of good. It will bring them closer to each other and their parents and siblings who support them. It is all about family and forging bonds between players and the coaches. We all have the same goals in mind and strive to achieve them with heartfelt effort.

If you have the opportunity to start a youth program or join an existing one, you will find great fulfillment. I believe in serving the Lord in practical ways that enrich people’s lives.