Following my Path

July 13, 2018 Off By Ronnie

Readers, there are days that I struggle. There are times when my heart is so heavy that I can barely move and I feel like I am at war within myself. I try so hard to forge a path so that I can move forward but it is such a fight to gain any ground at all.

Do you ever feel that way, readers?

I am sure that you do. We are all humans, after all. We are prone to making mistakes and living messy, complicated lives. Luckily, if you have ever felt this way, I have a very simple answer to our problem. I have learned that when this happens, when the struggle seems too much for me, that I am turning against God and trying to clear my own path instead of staying on the one He has selected for me. Asserting my own will goes against His Divine Plan. The stress and difficulties I face are caused by me alone. When I walk His path, He is with me and my heart feels lighter no matter what I face.

In my heart, I think we all know this. We do not want to admit that the reason we cannot see the path in front of us is because we are being led astray. No amount of hacking and struggling will actually lead to a clearing. Once we stray from the path that God has chosen for us, we are no longer under His protection and His guiding, Fatherly hand. There is nothing good waiting for us on a trail we have to blaze for ourselves. We need to turn back to Him.

That can be hard, folks. Sometimes the direction I want to go feels like a better one for me. There are so many reasons to ignore the voice of the Lord and simply do the thing you want. We think that it would make life easier. For a little while, it might feel that way. But in the long run, we will suffer without His love and guidance. We know it will be wrong – going against His predestination not only jeopardizes your rightful place in Heaven, it will cause destruction in our lives here on Earth. Temptations are traps threatening to swallow us. They will cause lies, distractions, and all kinds of other hardships in the end. Are you willing to sacrifice your Eternal life for a few moments of simple pleasure now? I know I am not.

Choosing the path of the Righteous may not always be easy, I know. The trail may narrow, and there may be obstacles, but you will always have your Heavenly Father by your side to walk with you and be a Light when all is dark. Life is never about avoiding struggles or hardship. Life is about turning to Him when things get hard, and giving yourself quiet time to listen for a Response so that you can find your way back to your true purpose.