A New Cross

July 19, 2018 Off By Ronnie

We work together as church members in our town. It might be sponsoring a Bible class, a lecture series, a Christian music festival, or a youth soccer camp. At the moment, we have something very special that is bringing us together. We are merging our creative minds to come up with a new design for the altar. It is in need of repair after a roof leak caused considerable damage. We were able to raise some funds in no time.  As long as we are building its replacement, we decided to address the possibility of a handmade cross. We all agreed that a local artisan would be ideal. We hoped that a true artist in metalwork would be within our budget.

I was quick to volunteer to be on the committee to see how I could help. While we could order a cross to our specifications from an outside source, we unanimously preferred to have designs submitted in the requisite dimensions. Given that there aren’t many fine metalworks on the level of art in this area, we had really only one contender. Fortunately, we know him and are familiar with his work. A construction welder would not be up to the job. We wanted a concept that matched the great faith of the members of our church. It must express the glory and power of the divine as the eternal symbol of Christ. It had to be appropriate, sparing of excess detail, yet profound. The sort of craftsmanship that you only see in the projects that people post on Rate My Welder. It takes a believer to understand and fabricate such an artifact. We were facing a unique opportunity and had to be sure in our decision.

We were more than pleased with the initial efforts of the artisan. He had carefully surveyed the existing style of the church and the degree of ornamentation. Since there isn’t much, the cross will be the focal point and a visual magnet for all eyes. As such it will bring enlightenment and engender faith. We asked the metalworker for a mockup to scale and he was quick to offer a model in just three days. It would then take another two weeks to finalize the project given the dimensions. We had requested that the new cross be 20% larger than the old one to better fill the space in the alter.

The church went into full gear to plan a “reveal” for the community. It would involve a special service and a reception. Everyone wanted to participate and make the occasion one of love and fellowship. It is a very unique event in the history of the church and one not likely to happen again.